About Me

This site is the result of many days, no, many years of preparation, if you believe in destiny or hard work. You can call it a dream, a dream of a person without technical skill, at least in web page making. This site is in a way an expression of my professional profile and social obligation.

Me as a magician

I don't do tricks. I perform magic. Actually I call myself an entertainer. For me magic is a tool to make my audience happy and if possible to bring out the child in them, as even children in the present materialistic world are losing their childhood to studies and childlike wonderment to technology!

Give back children their childhood should be the theme of any year if we hope to build a new world order

Me as a balloon sculptor

It was simply a matter of time before I started entertaining as a balloon sculptor also. Balloons, as we know are attractive to all ages because of their colour and shape. Just add some identifiable shape to them. They become balloon sculptures. The entertainment is in the making of them. They being give aways is only secondary.

Me as an arm chair activist

If we start to feel socially responsible and look around many issues are there to be confronted. But the issue that affects me most is the traffic. Particularly road traffic. The behaviour on roads tell me how self-centered we have become!

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