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This is a page I hate. But this page is real. It has come into existence because of the remark of Mr. Sunil Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police, Chennai. Last month(July'08) in an interview over a FM channel he remarked that this year till date it is 50 less deaths due to road accidents compared to last year. Whenever an official or a politician quotes statistics in these matters of life and death my first feeling is how will this make the families of the victims happy. It is funny that the official or the politician doesn't realise that the people always take anything they say with a pinch of salt!

Anyway that interview spurred me on to add this page which will record the deaths due to road accidents in Chennai reported in the news papers from July '08 as a starting point. Of course I will try to add statistics for the previous months of this year also subsequently.

Click here to view the statistics. You can add whatever I must have missed.