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Why Cards? Because they are the most easily available and can be used to present mind boggling illusions seemingly without preparation(ofcourse you must have practice!). Do you know? Many great magicians have made their names just with a pack of cards. Hard to believe but surprisingly true.

People normally scream 'MIRACLE' if a trick is performed with something they themselves have handled and provided. And cards are everyday item and doesn't suggest any prior setups.

There are thousands of tricks you can do with just a pack of cards. And more than a thousand with just 4 Aces. Most of the people know one or more tricks that can be done with a pack of cards. Now let us take a look at some of the POPULAR and SIMPLE TRICKS with a PACK OF CARDS.

Card tricks mainly consist of 'YOU TAKE A CARD I FIND IT' type or transposition and transformation. An example of finding the card.

Spread a shuffled pack of cards face down to allow the spectator remove any card. Ask him to look at the card taken and remember it. Now ask him to show it to everyone else. At that time you secretly take a LOOK at and REMEMBER THE BOTTOM CARD.

Now ask the spectator to place his card face down on the top of the pack. Cut the pack and complete the cut so the selected card is lost in the centre. Actually it is below the card you secretly noted. Cut the pack some more times. Every one will think that the card is totally lost in the pack. But CUTTING DOES NOT separate the cards.

To find the card all you have to do is spread the cards in front of you. The card to the right of the card you noted is the selected card. Easy, eh!

Not so easy! Because you have just done a trick but the entertainment part is yet to begin. Just doing a trick is not enough in performing magic. You are not doing the entertainment part if you don't learn PRESENTATION. The proper presentation of a trick only makes it into MAGIC. Proper presentation is not an easy thing to learn but only through practice you get the hang of it. Anyway now that you are(I hope) into entertainment through MAGIC you should also learn what is PRESENTATION.

Click here to learn a simple presentation for the magic above.

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Puyal Ganesh - Chennai Magician & Balloon Sculptor

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