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Magic as such is a word that conjures a vision of happenings beyond the grasp of logical mind. It makes people think of unnatural and supernatural forces. This affects the minds of the people so much that they associate a magician performing in a theatre, birthday party or such functions even with powers beyond his capacity. This makes people imagine things that never even happened.

An example of this mind set is what happened in my marriage reception. As a performing magician I arranged for magic show as entertainment in my reception. One of the items done by the magician was eating LED bulbs and a piece of wire and producing lighted bulbs on wire from his mouth. But after a week one of my relatives told me that the magician took lighted TUBE LIGHT from his mouth and that he was amazed. Hearing that I was amazed. How can an educated person imagine such a thing? It's because he was so impressed by the magician and his magic. Or how is this for example? When my father told one of his friends, who is an engineer, that I am a professional magician, the learned engineer asked whether I maintain an army of GENIES in my home!

But magic in the modern sense is a word to be associated with ENTERTAINMENT and ONLY ENTERTAINMENT. Magic is the term used to fill up the gap between what the audience think they see and the possible logic for what a magician does. ACTUALLY MAGIC HAPPENS IN THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE. That's what make the people think and use the word sorcery when reviewing a magic show, because their logic fails and imagination takes over.

For an aspiring magician the main thing to have is the URGE to be a MAGICIAN and NOT JUST INTEREST. Actually the props needed to entertain through magic are simple and big props are needed only if one wants to become a Professional Magician staging ILLUSIONS. Just two hands and few coins with enough practice and good routines will entertain the people. Only thing to remember is that the SECRETS are SIMPLE and if revealed will take the charm out of magic. Then a question arises; if the secrets should not be revealed why this page? Simple answer is I will not be what I am if not for the magic books available in the open market. Any one can buy a book but only a few ever read a book which requires application of mind. Without the URGE to know and entertain people through magic the books will gather dust in the shelf or at the most be glanced through without grasping the entertainment value between the covers. Same with this PAGE. OK!

In this page I endeavour to explain some simple tricks that will entertain people with minimum props. Those serious to PURSUE the study of MAGIC can do like me, i.e., READ BOOKS ON MAGIC. There are so many excellent books on magic and given below are some of them.

THE BIG BOOK OF MAGIC by Patrick Page(Sphere)

CARD GAMES by George Beal(Kingfisher)

CARD TRICKS WITHOUT SKILL by Paul Clive(Faber and Faber)


MODERN MAGIC, MORE MAGIC, LATER MAGIC-Three books by Professor Hoffman(Routledge)

THE TARBELL COURSE IN MAGIC by Harlan Tarbell(Louis Tannen)

Now let us see what all happens in magic. APPEARANCE, VANISH, TRANSFORMATION, TRANSFER, MENTAL & ILLUSION. All of these either by themselves or by combination make up a magic show. Go through the MAGIC PAGES and see the above principles create an atmosphere of magic.


Click here to learn a simple presentation for the magic above.

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Puyal Ganesh - Chennai Magician & Balloon Sculptor

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