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Now that you are into magic you will immediately ask why do I need anything else than the knowledge to do the trick. To know the answer you have to know few hard truths about magic. First, there is NO magic without PRESENTATION. Second, Magic is the only art where the audience don't just see and enjoy the performance like in any other art. For example, the audience listening to a music concert don't ask HOW THE MUSIC IS PLAYED? They just listen and enjoy. A person enjoying a painting just looks at it and enjoys. But NOT SO in Magic! The audience thinks and asks the question HOW IT IS DONE? You will encounter this question many a times when you perform MAGIC. WHAT TO DO THEN?

A magician should be prepared for such eventualities. He cannot divulge the secret because it means KILLING the illusion just created. So he can just say 'IT IS MAGIC'. He can say 'SORRY, I PROMISED NOT TO TELL'. No one will ask to whom he promised. Or better still he can perform a magic that looks similar but with a different result or by different method. That will baffle the audience more and let the magician off the hook. But you can avoid the question if you lead them in such a way that they think they know how the trick is done, i.e., give them a wrong clue like make them concentrate at a different point which will not let them in on the secret.

For example in the card trick taught in the CARDS MAGIC section you can make it seem that it is done through mind reading. How? Before HOW you should think of WHY you should look through the pack to locate the selected card. You are the magician. Right! Then you should divulge the selected card without looking through the pack. Is it not? So you should give a logical explanation for looking through the pack. You can just say "See whether your card is still in the pack because some may think that all those cuttings are done to vanish the card. Please look for your card while I spread the pack but don't tell me when you locate it. OK". This will satisfy them and at the same time you will have your chance to look through the pack as well and know what the selected card is. Now you know the identity of the card you can ask the spectator to picture the card in his mind and hold the picture there! Then you stare at his face for some time and tentatively reveal the colour, the pip and the value of the card as if you are getting the message by looking at his face! This will make him think that picturing the card in his mind somehow gave you the clue to the identity of his card. This is one of the most simple and direct method but effective. Go ahead and ENTERTAIN.


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Puyal Ganesh - Chennai Magician & Balloon Sculptor

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